“R.W.A. Management Consulting helped us prepare for our acquisition by straightening out our financials, which were in disastrous condition. However, what was most amazing is that due to Rod’s tireless analysis and his recommendations, we started making a profit each and every month. This wasn’t even part of what he was contracted to do.”

Douglas Epp

Former Senior Director Products and Business Development, Fisev-Open Solutions

Business Optimization Solutions & Decision Making Support

In the day-to-day operation of your business, it is often difficult to find the time and resources to analyze and understand where tangible, quantifiable improvements can be made.

  • Do you often wonder what products, services or clients cost your business, rather than deliver profits?
  • Are you less than satisfied with your planning and budgeting process, and which it included a strategic implementation plan to get your business where it needs to go?
  • Do you have concerns your managers and/or segments are not working in concert with one another?
  • Are you considering a merger/acquisition, disposition, IPO or financing, and want to ensure the best possible valuation beforehand?

We have successfully solved these problems, and many others, for all sizes of businesses in many industries, and can do the same for your business.

R.W.A. Management Consulting, a Calgary, Alberta based boutique organization, accommodates your organization with candid advisory and results driven implementation plans, from an entrepreneurial perspective, and with the flexibility and adaptability to meet your time-lines and budgets so that the entire project is viable and successful.

We also offers a wide variety of services beyond the above depending on your needs.

For further information and a complimentary consultation, please contact us to discuss your business needs.

Referral fee’s are also offered at 10% of the contract revenue value over the entire time of the contract.